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The Art of Ceramics

After a terrible earthquake in 1682 devastated the entire town of Santo Stefano the Duke of Camastra, Lord of that territory, moved the population towards the coast. In their new location the local people began the primitive work of mixing mud and clay. Using the clay extracted from the hill they began creating jars, amphoras, jugs, plates, bricks and roofing tiles which were subsequently used and appreciated throughout the island.

The Prince’s project together with the will of a people created a town and a craft that has lasted three hundred years.

Within the context of this historical setting Pippo Torcivia in 1973, after graduating from the Art School in Santo Stefano and from the Academy of Belle Arti in Palermo started his business with the idea of carrying on the tradition of processing ceramics in the original Santo Stefano style while at the same time introducing the innovate and original new shapes and colors that have come to distinguish his work.