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Fine and Exquisite Ceramics by Pippo Torcivia

bring the light and soul of Sicily into your home


From an ancient tradition which today culminates in the perfect fusion of design, good taste, and Italian technical innovation. Every object produced by Ceramics by Pippo Torcivia is a unique piece with extra value because of its first-rate materials and the originality of its embellishments added by skilled artists using long-lasting non-toxic colors.

Each piece stamped Ceramics by Pippo Torcivia adds a joy of color to the home and pleasantly enhances every moment of the day.

Ceramics by Pippo Torcivia are entirely MADE IN ITALY, designed and produced in Sicily, in a facility in Santo Stefano di Camastra.

Ceramics from Santo Stefano di Camastra are known throughout the world and their reputation attracts more and more visitors each year to artisan workshops in the region.

Tables and lava stone countertops designed for gardens and interiors


Tables done by Ceramics by Pippo Torcivia include a wide range of sizes and hand-painted decorations from flowers, fruits, and geometric designs to classical designs from the Sicilian tradition. Every decoration is adaptable to different basic designs.

The lava stone extracted from Mount Etna volcano is a very durable material in itself, and after the process of veneering provides an innovative product, both for its own characteristics (scratch-resistant, frost-proof, wear-resistant, impact-resistant) and for what can be obtained from a proper design.

With lava stone ceramics there is a variety of uses: tables, countertops for built-in kitchens, bathroom surfaces, finished surfaces for bars, sinks for bathrooms and kitchens, flowerbeds, stairs, benches, signs and much more.

The Ceramics by Pippo Torcivia Company, in order to better handle the increasing demands of national and international clients, is looking for agents and traders who are interested in promoting products and artistic craftsmanship of the highest quality to its customers, as well as to trading partners who deal with exports to new and emerging international markets, which has recently driven our exploding demand.

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We offer custom design for both size and decoration so as to meet a wide variety of different needs. If you would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We will be happy to answer all your questions.

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